KAB Creations


Kathy is the creator of KAB Creations, a distinctive greeting card business. In addition to her playful sketches, many of the cards include a brief note that captures the essence of the drawing.


The art in the nostalgic card series includes items or activities that were popular in the 50's and 60's. Some of the notes explain in simple terms what it was like growing up in small town America during this time period. Other notes talk about the design. Whether you are from the Northwest or the Midwest, from the West Coast or the East Coast, Americans share many common experiences. Enjoy the trip back in time when daily life was more modest.

The new text-only cards promises to make a real and heartfelt connection between the giver of the card and the receiver.


Kathy was born in South Dakota and moved to Oregon at a very young age. She currently resides in a quiet suburb outside Portland, Oregon.